Information Architecture

In considering how your audience consumes content, we create comprehensive designs with efficient frameworks to bolster the experience of the end-user, your customer.

Watch Tutorial | Introduction To Information Architecture
our process is pretty fun & straight forward
  • Information Gathering

    We begin by gathering information about you, your digital activities, and your industry. In our research, we ask 3 simple questions: What problem are we solving? Who needs it? What’s this site for?
  • Buyer Persona

    Based on our reasearch and information, we are able to create fact based representations of your users, illustrating their goals, motivations and habits.
  • Metadatas & Pagebuilding

    We determine the most crucial information to your consumers based on their personas, and then examine their experience with each element of the website by constructing several scenarios, wireframes and mock-ups to simulate their interaction.
  • Wireframes & Mock-ups

    Simply put, Our dynamic wireframes, mock-ups and prototyping give form to your ideas.

Website Development

If you’re thinking about going beyond a static platform and developing a dynamic and recognizable online presence- if given the chance, we will do good work for you (frankly because we are emotionally invested in the outcome).

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When we develop your next web based applications based on compelling aesthetics and high functionality, you are also provided website maintenance and enhancements, and reliable assistance with any troubleshooting, ensuring that your digital platform is always on point!